Software as a Service / SalesBlink falls under the category of Software as a Service (SaaS) as it provides a cloud-based platform for automating sales outreach and improving lead generation and conversion.
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SalesBlink is a SaaS platform that helps sales teams automate outreach, find leads, and get booked.

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SalesBlink is a SaaS platform that revolutionizes sales outreach with AI automation. It helps sales teams find and engage leads, automate outreach sequences, and get booked effortlessly. With powerful features like BlinkGPT Sales Sequences, cold email outreach, B2B leads database, and email deliverability optimization, SalesBlink maximizes sales revenue. The platform is trusted by thousands of sales teams worldwide and provides a seamless experience for streamlining and accelerating sales processes.

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Starts at $25 / month


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  • Send 6000 Emails Monthly
  • Unlimited Email Sending Accounts
  • BlinkGPT Basic
  • Unlimited Email WarmUp Basic
  • Email Sender Rotation
  • Automated Follow-Ups
  • Find 100 Leads

Starts at $79 / month


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  • Everything in Growth
  • Send 100000 Emails Monthly
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Unlimited Email WarmUp Pro
  • BlinkGPT Pro
  • Meeting Scheduler
  • Find 1000 Leads

Starts at $149 / month


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  • Everything in Scale
  • Send 200000 Emails Monthly
  • Outreach Tasks
  • Team Reports
  • Find 2500 Leads
  • Priority Support
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Key Features
  • BlinkGPT Sales Sequences
  • Cold email outreach automation
  • B2B leads database
  • CRM integrations
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Email deliverability optimization
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Unlock the potential of your sales team with SalesBlink's AI-powered automation and streamline your sales process today.

SalesBlink promises to simplify and accelerate sales outreach, increase efficiency, and drive sales revenue through AI-powered automation.


Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: SalesBlink solves the challenge of manual and time-consuming sales outreach by automating the process and improving lead generation and conversion rates.

Value Proposition: SalesBlink empowers sales teams with AI-powered automation to boost sales revenue through efficient lead generation, personalized outreach, and seamless email delivery.

Promise: SalesBlink promises to simplify and accelerate sales outreach, increase efficiency, and drive sales revenue through AI-powered automation.

Who uses SalesBlink? Sales Professionals, Business Development Teams, Entrepreneurs


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SalesBlink is a powerful sales outreach solution powered by AI. It provides features such as BlinkGPT Sales Sequences for launching high-performing outreach campaigns, cold email outreach automation, B2B leads database, integrations with CRMs, meeting scheduler, and email deliverability optimization. Trusted by over 1000+ sales teams worldwide, SalesBlink streamlines the sales process, ensures emails land in the inbox, and increases sales revenue.

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