Software as a Service / Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms offer cloud-based software solutions that allow businesses to access and use applications over the internet. Iconosquare is a SaaS platform specifically tailored for social media analytics and management.
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Analytics and management for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook

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Iconosquare's latest product updates include TikTok scheduling, LinkedIn and TikTok dashboards, and Reels analytics. These additions demonstrate Iconosquare's commitment to continuously improving its platform and keeping up with emerging social media trends. With a range of resources like a blog, podcast, free tools, and comprehensive customer support, Iconosquare ensures that users have everything they need to succeed in their social media marketing efforts. Try Iconosquare today and see how it can make your life as a social media marketer way easier.

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Key Features
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom reporting
  • Publishing scheduler
  • Collaboration tools
  • Conversation management
  • Real-time listening
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Optimize content strategy and make data-driven decisions

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Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: Lack of comprehensive social media analytics and management tools

Value Proposition: Powerful social media analytics and management platform

Promise: Optimize content strategy and make data-driven decisions

Who uses Iconosquare? Social Media Marketers, Brands, Agencies


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Iconosquare is a powerful analytics and management platform designed to help social media marketers optimize their content strategy. It provides advanced analytics, custom reporting, publishing scheduler, collaboration tools, conversation management, and real-time listening capabilities. Trusted by over 20,000 social media marketers worldwide, Iconosquare offers a comprehensive suite of features to drive data-driven decisions and enhance productivity. With a focus on ease of use and actionable insights, Iconosquare is the go-to platform for social media professionals.

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