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Gong offers a wide range of solutions for teams in sales, customer success, and marketing. It helps teams stop losing winnable deals, transform reps into stars through coaching, stay ahead of the market curve, and more. With the support of Gong's AI-powered platform, businesses can make critical revenue decisions based on the deepest understanding of sales conversations and the largest integration ecosystem on the market.

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Pricing Overview

Gong's pricing varies based on team-specific factors. Contact Gong for accurate pricing information.


Ideal for small teams or individual users

249per month

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  • Basic platform access
  • Limited data storage
  • Email support

Perfect for growing teams

499per month

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  • Full platform access
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Priority support

Designed for large organizations

CustomContact sales for pricing

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  • Customized platform access
  • Advanced data storage
  • Dedicated customer success manager
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Key Features
  • Comprehensive visibility into customer interactions
  • Smart guidance for key workflows
  • Integrated data across tech stack
  • Innovative AI-backed insights
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Get a live demo to see how Gong can transform your sales strategies and drive revenue growth.

Gong promises to provide organizations with the insights and tools needed to drive revenue growth and improve sales performance.


Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: Gong solves the challenges of understanding customer interactions and making data-driven sales strategies.

Value Proposition: Gong helps organizations make data-driven sales decisions, improve win rates, and boost revenue.

Promise: Gong promises to provide organizations with the insights and tools needed to drive revenue growth and improve sales performance.

Who uses Gong? Sales Teams, Customer Success Teams, Marketing Teams


Founder Name:

Gong is a Revenue Intelligence Platform that helps maximize the potential of go-to-market teams. It offers insights into top performers, deal risks, and buyer preferences. With AI-powered features and integrations, Gong enables data-driven decision-making for revenue growth.

Founded Year: 2015

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