SaaS / AI-powered intro line generator for B2B email campaigns and sales outreach.


AI-powered intro lines and ice breakers for cold email and LinkedIn outreach.

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EgoBooster is a powerful AI-based tool that helps sales teams and B2B email marketers enhance their outreach campaigns. It offers hyper-personalized intro lines and ice breakers, increasing sales performance by 2-3x. With EgoBooster, you can automate the personalization process, save time, and engage prospects with tailored messages.

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Pricing Overview

EgoBooster offers various pricing plans based on the number of credits needed, starting from $24 per month.


Pay as you go


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  • 100 credits

500 credits


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  • 500 credits

1000 credits


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  • 1000 credits

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  • Customized plan
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Key Features
  • Hyper-personalized messages
  • Automated personalization process
  • Increased reply rates
  • Time and cost savings
  • AI-powered technology
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Supercharge your outreach campaigns with EgoBooster's AI-powered intro lines and witness a significant increase in response rates.

Double or triple your reply rates with hyper-personalized messages.


Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: Increase response rates and avoid coming off as a spammer in cold email outreach.

Value Proposition: Boost your B2B email campaign performance by 2-3x with EgoBooster's hyper-personalized intro lines.

Promise: Double or triple your reply rates with hyper-personalized messages.

Who uses EgoBooster? B2B Email Marketers, Sales Teams, Agencies


Founder Name: Keemia

Boost your sales and increase response rates with hyper-personalized messages. Save time on research and writing with EgoBooster.

Founded Year: 2023

Contact Information

Keemia 4, 10616, Tallinn, Estonia,Tallinn, Estonia
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