Comparison of PersistIQ and Groove


PersistIQ is a leading sales engagement platform designed for small teams. It enables users to find new customers, start conversations, and personalize sales outreach at scale in one easy platform. With features like multi-channel sales outreach, prospecting, campaign automation, reporting, and CRM integrations, PersistIQ helps accelerate sales pipelines and analyze performance across the entire organization.

Key Features

  • Multi-channel sales outreach
  • Prospecting
  • Integrations
  • Customer results
  • Pricing


Revolutionize sales engagement for small teams and drive sales success.

Value Proposition

Find new customers, start conversations, and personalize sales outreach at scale.

PersistIQ is revolutionizing the way small teams engage with their prospects. With its innovative features and intuitive design, it empowers sales teams to reach new customers, personalize their outreach, and ultimately crush their sales numbers. Whether it's automating personalized emails, calls, and tasks, or analyzing performance and tracking results, PersistIQ provides the tools and insights needed to drive sales success.


Groove is a simple yet powerful helpdesk software designed for growing businesses. It offers a streamlined communication system, centralized inbox, and customizable features to provide efficient customer support. With a user-friendly interface and continuous improvement, Groove aims to be the clear choice for businesses seeking a reliable customer support solution.

Key Features

  • Shared inbox
  • Time-based SLAs
  • Automation
  • Knowledge Base
  • AI-powered features


Delivering exceptional customer support with a simple and powerful helpdesk software.

Value Proposition

Simple yet powerful helpdesk software for growing businesses.

Groove is a leading helpdesk software that simplifies and streamlines customer support for growing businesses. With its intuitive features and customizable options, Groove empowers businesses to deliver personalized and efficient support to their customers. The software offers a shared inbox, time-saving automations, 24/7 support with a knowledge base, and powerful AI features. Groove is the perfect solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer support capabilities and delight their customers with exceptional service.

Similarity Score
The two SaaS products share many similar features and value propositions, making them suitable options for teams looking to optimize their sales engagement and customer support processes.
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