Comparison of MarketingPlatform and GetResponse

MarketingPlatform and GetResponse are both leading SaaS products in the email marketing and automation category. While they both offer solutions for businesses to effectively reach and engage with their target audience, there are differences in their features and offerings.


  • MarketingPlatform: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Customer Data Platform, Omnichannel Marketing
  • GetResponse: Email Marketing, Autoresponders, AI Email Generator, Website Builder, Landing Pages, Marketing Automation, SMS Marketing, Web Push Notifications, Conversion Funnel, Live Chats, Ecommerce Integrations, Popups and Forms, AI Recommendations, Paid Ads, Webinars


MarketingPlatform offers a user-friendly platform with features like a drag-and-drop email builder, SMS campaigns, and dynamic content for personalized marketing automation. It also provides a customer data platform for collecting and utilizing customer data for targeted campaigns. On the other hand, GetResponse offers a comprehensive suite of features including autoresponders, AI email generator, website builder, and ecommerce integrations.

Similarity Score

The estimated similarity score between MarketingPlatform and GetResponse is 70%. This score is calculated based on the similarity in their features, such as email marketing and marketing automation, as well as their focus on customer data management. However, there are differences in specific features and offerings that differentiate these two products.

Similarity Score
The estimated similarity score is calculated based on the overlap in features and offerings between MarketingPlatform and GetResponse, indicating a significant level of similarity in the functionality they provide.
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