Comparison of Kayako and HappyFox

Kayako is a help desk software platform that provides powerful out-of-the-box functionality for managing customer requests and conversations across multiple channels. It aims to help customer service teams deliver personalized support and stay connected with their customers.


  • Shared inbox
  • Live chat
  • Customer journey view
  • Self-help knowledge base
Kayako promises to deliver personalized and prompt customer support.
Value Proposition: Deliver excellent customer support experiences with ease
Problem to Solve: Streamline and manage customer support efficiently

About Kayako

Kayako helps customer service teams manage and streamline their support processes through its integrated platform. With features like shared inbox, live chat, customer journey view, and self-help knowledge base, Kayako enables teams to provide prompt and personalized customer support. It caters to businesses in various industries and offers a range of solutions to meet different customer support needs.

HappyFox is a robust help desk ticket management software that provides exceptional customer service, IT support, and internal help desk solutions. It offers features like ticketing system, chatbot, workflows, live chat, business intelligence, and more.


  • Ticketing system
  • Chatbot
  • Workflows
  • Live chat
  • Business intelligence
HappyFox promises to improve customer service, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.
Value Proposition: Deliver exceptional support and streamline your help desk operations with HappyFox
Problem to Solve: Inefficient ticket management and customer support processes

About HappyFox

HappyFox offers a comprehensive help desk ticket management software that streamlines customer service, IT support, and internal help desk operations. It helps businesses deliver exceptional support, automate processes, analyze data, and improve customer experience.

Similarity Score
The comparison between Kayako and HappyFox resulted in a similarity score of 85%. This means that the two SaaS products have many similarities, but there are also notable differences worth considering.
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