Folderly vs Mailshake: A Comparison of Email Deliverability and Sales Automation

When it comes to improving email deliverability and optimizing sales outreach, businesses have a plethora of software options to choose from. In this blog post, we will compare two leading SaaS products: Folderly and Mailshake.

Folderly: Boost Email Deliverability and Increase Inbox Rates

Folderly is an advanced email deliverability platform that helps businesses improve their email deliverability and increase their inbox rates. With seamless integration with popular email service providers, Folderly offers a comprehensive solution to boost email performance, analyze content, and maintain mailbox health.

Backed by Google Startups, Folderly provides consulting services and case studies to optimize email campaigns and protect sender reputation. Ideal for businesses of all industries, Folderly ensures emails reach the intended audience and land in the inbox.

Mailshake: Streamlined Sales Engagement and Automation

Mailshake, on the other hand, is a sales engagement and automation software. It helps sales teams increase reply rates, book more meetings, and generate more revenue through streamlined and personalized outreach.

With features like multi-channel outreach, lead catcher, LinkedIn automation, and pipeline-focused analytics, Mailshake empowers sales teams to optimize their cold outreach efforts and achieve better sales performance.

Comparison: Features and Benefits

Both Folderly and Mailshake offer unique features that cater to different needs:

  • Folderly features: Deliverability placement, spam triggers analysis, email templates dashboard, supported integrations with major email service providers
  • Mailshake features: Multi-channel outreach, lead catcher, LinkedIn automation, pipeline-focused analytics

Folderly's primary focus is on improving email deliverability, helping businesses overcome challenges such as emails not reaching the inbox, low open and reply rates, and emails landing in spam folders. It provides advanced tools and expert consulting services to enhance email campaigns and protect sender reputation.

Mailshake, on the other hand, is designed to streamline sales engagement and increase reply rates. Its multi-channel outreach, LinkedIn automation, and analytics features help sales teams optimize their outreach efforts and generate more revenue.


Choosing the right SaaS product depends on the specific needs and goals of your business. If improving email deliverability and increasing inbox rates is your priority, Folderly is an excellent choice. On the other hand, if streamlining sales engagement and increasing reply rates is your focus, Mailshake provides powerful tools for sales teams. Both products offer unique features and benefits that can help businesses achieve their email deliverability or sales automation objectives.

Similarity Score
The similarity score is 85%, indicating a strong overlap in functionalities and benefits between Folderly and Mailshake. Both products aim to enhance email outreach and improve performance, although Folderly specializes in email deliverability whereas Mailshake is more focused on sales engagement and automation.
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