Comparing Adapt.io and Apollo

Adapt.io is a leading B2B Lead Intelligence Platform that empowers sales and marketing teams with reliable contact data. Their value proposition lies in providing highly accurate data of people that matter to your business. With features like prospecting, enrichment, and API capabilities, Adapt.io helps businesses achieve scalable growth. They offer a free trial to access all features, making it easy for teams to get started. Adapt.io's target audience includes sales and marketing professionals looking for accurate and reliable B2B contact data.

Apollo - Sales Intelligence and Engagement Platform

Apollo is a sales intelligence and engagement platform that helps businesses find, engage, and close deals with their ideal customers. With a robust database of B2B contacts, AI-powered workflows, and a suite of features for prospecting, engaging, and closing deals, Apollo empowers sales teams to excel in their pipeline execution and achieve better results.


  • Adapt.io: Prospecting, Enrichment, API integration
  • Apollo: Feature A, Feature B, Feature C


  • Adapt.io: Provide highly accurate and reliable B2B contact data to fuel growth for sales and marketing teams.
  • Apollo: Provide businesses with accurate buyer data, streamline engagement workflows, and empower sales teams to excel in pipeline execution and achieve better results.


Both Adapt.io and Apollo offer powerful solutions for sales and marketing teams, with a focus on providing accurate data and streamlining the lead generation process. Adapt.io specializes in B2B Lead Intelligence, providing access to fresh, accurate B2B data, while Apollo offers a comprehensive sales intelligence and engagement platform. While Adapt.io's key features include prospecting, enrichment, and API integration, Apollo offers a range of features such as prospecting, engaging, and closing deals. The promise of both products revolves around providing accurate data and empowering sales teams to achieve better results in their pipeline execution.

Similarity Score
The estimated similarity score between Adapt.io and Apollo is 80%. This score is based on the overlap of features, promises, and target audiences of both products.
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