Software as a Service / Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms provide online services or applications accessible through a subscription model, eliminating the need for on-premises installation and maintenance. Chatbase falls under this category, offering a customizable chatbot solution for businesses.
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Custom ChatGPT for your data

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Chatbase is a SaaS platform that enables users to create and deploy custom ChatGPT chatbots for their data. With easy integration and customization options, users can match the chatbot's behavior and appearance to their brand. The platform also allows for lead collection and integration with popular tools like Zapier, Slack, and Messenger. Chatbase provides daily email notifications containing all conversations and leads collected by the chatbots. It is an efficient solution for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and automate support services.

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Pricing Overview

Flexible pricing plans based on usage and features

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Key Features
  • behavior customization
  • appearance customization
  • lead collection
  • integration with popular tools
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Enhance your customer engagement with personalized chatbots

Efficient and customizable chatbot solution for businesses

Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: Improve customer engagement and support services through personalized chatbots

Value Proposition: Create custom chatbots with your own data sources

Promise: Efficient and customizable chatbot solution for businesses

Who uses Chatbase? Businesses, Website Owners, Customer Support Teams


Founder Name:

Chatbase provides a platform to build a customized ChatGPT-like chatbot using your own data sources. It allows you to personalize the behavior and appearance of the chatbot to match your brand's personality. You can also collect leads, integrate with various tools, and receive daily emails with conversations and leads collected by your chatbots.

Founded Year: 2010

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