Subscription Analytics / ChartMogul is a subscription analytics platform that helps SaaS businesses unlock their growth potential by providing insights into key metrics.
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Unlock the Full Growth Potential of your SaaS Business with ChartMogul's Subscription Analytics Platform.

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ChartMogul is loved by over 2,500 SaaS businesses worldwide for its ability to drive growth efficiently through automated reporting, data insights, and customized reports.

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Key Features
  • Automated reporting of key SaaS metrics
  • Optimization of monetization and growth opportunities
  • Pushing billing data and subscription metrics to required apps and systems
  • Building and sharing custom reports for better decision-making
  • Imports and normalizes subscription billing data, computes metrics in real-time
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Frequent Asked Questions

What metrics does ChartMogul automate?

ChartMogul automates reporting of key SaaS metrics including MRR, churn, and LTV. It also allows for custom report building and data enrichment.

Can ChartMogul integrate with other systems?

Yes, ChartMogul can push billing data and subscription metrics to other apps and systems as required.

What benefits does ChartMogul offer to founders and CEOs?

ChartMogul enables founders and CEOs to set targets, monitor progress, and update boards with data-driven insights.

How does ChartMogul help with go-to-market strategies?

ChartMogul helps optimize monetization and uncover growth opportunities to enhance go-to-market strategies.

Can ChartMogul be used by data engineers and analysts?

Yes, ChartMogul provides data engineers and analysts with tools to push data and build custom reports for data-driven decision-making.

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ChartMogul provides the tools and analytics needed to optimize growth and monetization in the SaaS industry.

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Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: SaaS businesses need insights into their subscription data to make informed decisions and drive growth effectively.

Value Proposition: ChartMogul empowers SaaS businesses to unlock their full growth potential through data-informed decisions and automated subscription analytics.

Promise: ChartMogul provides the tools and analytics needed to optimize growth and monetization in the SaaS industry.

Who uses ChartMogul? Founders, CEOs, Go-To-Market Leaders, Data Engineers, Analysts


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ChartMogul is a subscription analytics platform that empowers SaaS businesses to make data-informed decisions for faster growth. It automates the reporting of key SaaS metrics and equips teams with tools to put subscription data to work.

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