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Algomo has revolutionized customer support with their generative AI-powered platform. Businesses can use Algomo's AI to instantly answer repetitive questions, label and triage support interactions, and empower agents with AI suggestions and live screen sharing. Algomo also offers data integrations, omnichannel support, human chat hand-off, and multilingual capabilities. With their impressive model accuracy, Algomo ensures personalized customer experiences in over 100 languages. Whether in e-commerce, SaaS, fintech, or travel, businesses can provide their best support on Algomo's platform.

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Key Features
  • customer service, powered by generative ai - algomo
  • we launched on product hunt and got to product of the day: check us out here
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  • e-commercesaasfintechtravel
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  • helpdeskroadmaprelease notesblogcareers
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  • log in
  • get started
  • customer support powered by aiautomate and optimize your customer support with a chatgpt-powered bot, in less than 4 minutes. your bot will resolve requests, escalate to an agent if needed, and requires absolutely no training or maintenance. try it for free
  • 85%of customer support interactions resolved through automation
  • 3 minutesto your first automation
  • 92%average model accuracy based on gpt4
  • provide your best support on one generative ai powered platform
  • resolve
  • instantly answer repetitive questions.
  • reduced costs
  • faster time to resolution
  • increased csat and employee engagement scores
  • learn more
  • route
  • automatically label, categorize and triage support interactions.
  • cut handle times
  • fewer manual tasks
  • learn more
  • assist
  • empower agents with ai suggestions and live screen sharing.
  • faster response time
  • higher agent productivity
  • learn more
  • give your business what it needs
  • data integrations
  • instantly turn your support articles, past conversations, slack channels, notion pages, google docs, even content from your public website into personalised answers.
  • omnichannel
  • allow your customers or employees to self-serve on any communication channel, including our business messenger. reply from our inbox or any of your preferred channels, like slack and google chat.
  • human chat
  • when needed, algomo can hand-over and seamlessly assign any conversation to the right specialist. our built-in live chat module helps your team collaborate, analyse and surface the right information.
  • multilingual
  • scale internationally by delivering personalized customer experiences at scale with generative ai that understands more than 100 languages.
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  • ready to unlock the benefits of generative ai?
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  • conversational support, powered by generative ai
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Unlock the benefits of generative AI for conversational support.

Algomo provides a powerful and user-friendly platform powered by generative AI to revolutionize customer support.

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Understanding the Solution

Challenges Addressed: Automating and optimizing customer support processes, reducing costs, and improving customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Value Proposition: Automate and optimize customer support with Algomo's AI-powered platform.

Promise: Algomo provides a powerful and user-friendly platform powered by generative AI to revolutionize customer support.

Who uses Algomo? E-Commerce, SaaS, Fintech, Travel


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Algomo is a platform that leverages generative AI to automate and optimize customer support. Their ChatGPT-powered bot resolves requests, escalates to agents if needed, and requires no training or maintenance. With 85% of customer support interactions resolved through automation, Algomo provides instant answers, reduced costs, faster time to resolution, and increased CSAT and employee engagement scores.

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